When a tenant moves out

There are many reasons why a growing number of tenants opt for the private rented sector as opposed to buying a home of their own. For some, the key attraction is the flexibility to move to a new house relatively cheaply and easily.


But if you do tend to attract tenants who move regularly, then you could be concerned about void periods. And although you can’t stop tenants moving out – you can ensure the void period is as short as possible when they do.

Here are out top tips ensuring your property is let as fast as possible.


Maximise Social Media

FLINK service is an exclusive service to [brand] meaning your rental property will enjoy huge exposure on various social media channels.  This innovative tool creates a pathway for the property to find the tenant; rather than the tenant finding the property. 

By taking everything we know about marketing properties and capitalising on the huge potential of social media we can target tenants who aren’t even looking to move… yet!  FLINK creates a range of different adverts to distribute across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+; and the self-learning technology ensures the highest-performing adverts are shown more often… and the least successful ones are stopped.


Quality Photography

The days of listing properties to rent with limited photographs are long gone. You must ensure your property is presented in the best possible light to make sure the property stands out on the property portals. 


Offer a deposit replacement scheme

Schemes such as flatfair reduce the upfront costs for tenants wishing to rent a home whilst offering you even more protection than you’d usually get.  This means we make the private rented sector more accessible than other agents and this helps to ensure there is a greater pool of prospective tenants. The flatfair solution provides protection equal to 12 weeks’ rent rather than the maximum five- or six-weeks’ protection you get from the Government backed schemes.  It’s also been designed to reduce void periods by speeding up any end of tenancy claims and releasing the funds to make any necessary repairs or replacements. 


Advertise on Rightmove

When a property is advertised as a Premium Listing on Rightmove it is twice as visible as a standard listing, therefore in the crucial few days after your property is listed for rent, it will be highly prominent on the listing service.

Meanwhile featured properties enjoy an average of a further 20% more views – which is particularly useful after the initial peak has passed.

At Haybrook we will professionally market your property to the widest possible audience, in the most professional and effective way possible.


When you’re ready to let your next property, speak to your local Haybrook branch about how we can help to speed up the time it takes to secure your next tenant and reduce void periods.