Nailed it! Our new Best Price Promise


*Terms & Conditions

Nailed it! Best Price Promise full Terms and Conditions:

• Our offer is limited to property owners who instruct Haybrook to sell a property (“the Property”) by signing our agency agreement (“the Agreement”) and is subject to the following conditions:

• The Agreement is signed by 31st October 2023.
Haybrook not having been previously instructed to sell the Property at any point in the 12 months prior to the date of the Agreement.
• A board being displayed at the Property with the appropriate For Sale or Sold Subject To Contract status until completion of the sale of the Property (subject to any restrictions that prohibit the display of a board).
• The sale of the Property completing by 24th December 2023.
Haybrook's fee (“the Fee”) as stated in the Agreement being paid in full.

• The offer is not available to sales which fall within any of the following categories:

• Sales accepted by the property owner(s) below 95% of the asking price to friends, family or associates.
• Forced sales such as sales by auction, probate sales, sales on the instruction of a mortgagee in possession, sales on the instruction of a Court Order or part-exchange sales.
• In the event that the seller(s) can evidence that the Property sold for less than its best value through the provision of comparative evidence meeting the specified criteria or other means, a claim against this offer can be submitted by the provision of a completed Best Price Promise sale review form (available for download here) by e-mail to:

• The specified criteria for comparable evidence are as follows:

• Minimum of three suitable comparable properties.
• Each comparable property must be of a similar type, style, size and other relevant similar features to the Property and have been the subject of a completed sale within six months of the completion date of the sale of the Property.
• Each comparable property must be within a radius of 500m (for urban/suburban properties) or 2km (for rural properties) of the Property.

• All claims must be submitted within three months of completion or by 31st December 2023 (whichever is the earlier). Haybrook will instruct surveyors from Valunation Limited (a limited company which is a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Regulated Firm and a member of the Spicerhaart group), to produce a valuation of the Property as at the completion date using the comparative method/market approach (“the Comparison Valuation”).

• Should the gross sale price of the Property, including any extra paid to the owner(s) for fixtures and fittings be less than a sum equivalent to 95% of the value stated in the Comparison Valuation, Haybrook will refund the Fee within 28 days.

• For the purposes of this promotion the value stated in the Comparison Valuation will be final.

Haybrook usual terms and conditions set out in the Agreement apply.

Haybrook reserves the right to close this offer in respect of new instructions or extend this offer at its sole discretion.

•When instructing Haybrook to sell your home, we will ask for these Terms and Conditions to be signed as read and understood at the same time as completing our standard Agency Agreement.