Unusual ways to add value to your home


unusual ways to add value to your home.jpg

Something a lot of homeowners are constantly asking themselves is “How can I maximise the value of my home?”

Many individuals will think long term when purchasing a home. Of course they might make changes over time; they may add a new extension, or convert their loft or basement in an effort to increase the value of their home. But many are unaware of the more obscure things that can increase the value of a property.

High quality brands

There is a lot of truth to the Waitrose effect, but other brands that add a little extra class to an area and increase its local house prices include Carluccios, M&S and Wagamama.

Farmers’ markets

These are very popular, so if you happen to live in an old market town which sells local produce, you can probably justify a price mark up.

Fishing spots

Homes positioned near or on rivers are always worth a little more, especially those that also come with fishing rights. Properties that are located on prestigious fishing rivers like the Test or Itchen can be placed into higher price ranges.

Proximity to prestigious sporting venue

Living near a famous sporting venue can certainly elevate your home into a higher property range. There is a high demand for these homes, especially amongst major sports fans who may want to live near their teams’ home stadium.

House names

According to research by the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society, 88% of people preferred properties that had names instead of numbers. So if you live at ‘Brookmeadow Farm’, or ‘The Highlands’, you might be able to earn a little extra.

Celebrity effect

There is natural value in living in the former home of a celebrity, like an actor, musician or artist. A blue plaque at the front of the property, showing it was once the home of someone famous makes for a fantastic first impression and makes it stand out in a competitive property market.

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