Top tips for University renters

Results day is upon us again and hopefully you (or your family member) has got a place at one of their chosen universities and is now looking forward to life as a fresher!  There will be a lot to prepare for the start of the first semester.  What you may not know is a lot of first year students look for housing off campus for the following year towards the end of the first semester.  So we have put together some useful tips for things to consider and avoid any last minute stress!


  1. When thinking about the second year you will have to decide who to live with, this may be an easy decision but bear in mind that you won’t have the services like cleaners and bills included like life on campus, so choose housemates that share the same priorities as you. You don’t want messy housemates you are cleaning up after or are late with bill payments!


  1. Halls often have the bills included so when you are looking for alternative accommodation, factor in that bills are likely to be in addition to the rent. There may be some landlords that do include them, but the majority won’t so be sure to double check.    


  1. Location is key – Many students won’t have a car while studying, so you will likely be traveling to campus by walking or public transport. Check out tips from the University on the best areas to live.  There are often student hotspots that are ideally located for both the campus and local amenities. 


  1. Make sure your deposit is placed into a Deposit Protection Scheme by the Landlord. Landlords have 30 days from receiving this deposit to put into a tenancy deposit protection scheme.  Alternatively if renting through Haybrook, flatfair is a great way to rent deposit free. 


  1. This one is relevant for living in halls and off campus living - as student you are likely to have valuables that if stolen, you would be lost without. Ensure you work with a reputable company for your contents insurance. If you need any advice on contents insurance contact your local branch.


  1. Make sure the properties you are looking at have fixed term lets available for the academic year. There should be plenty of availability in University locations as there is demand, but make sure you check those details with the letting agent before booking a viewing.


We hope these tips have helped you start your search or for when you are beginning to look for student housing.   Another great guide is from UCAS which can be found here.