Decorate your rented home

There are many ways to incorporate personal touches and taste without breaking your contract or causing permanent changes. Take a look at our tricks below for decorating your rented home.

1. Add a pop of colour
Whether you opt for vibrant kitchen utensils, bright towels or colourful cushions, adding some colour can completely transform a room. Why not associate a colour scheme for each room, for example calming pastels for the bedroom or a zesty green for the kitchen?

2. Accessories
Accessories are a great way to fill empty spaces, add some personality and make your rented place feel more homely. Think quirky mirrors, vintage furniture (such as shabby-chic storage trunks), statement ornaments, photo frames and bright candles. Fresh flowers are also a perfect way to brighten up a room and add a fresh scent.

3. House plants
There are many reasons to have plants in the home. They are said to lessen stress, reduce common allergens and also increase air quality by purifying the air. If you’re not ready for house plants just yet, start off small by growing some herbs on the windowsill (which you can then use in your meals – bonus!)

4. Rugs
Whether you dislike the flooring or you’re looking to add some texture to a room, try investing in a rug or two. These add a lovely cosy feel to a living room or bedroom, and there are so many colours, sizes and textures to choose from. Rugs are also good soundproofing, so if you have wooden floors you can utilise rugs to keep noises/echoes to a minimum.

5. Customise your furniture
Ensuring that the furniture is your own (and not your Landlord’s), customising furniture is not only a great way to add some vibrancy and personal touches but is also a fun project! For example, using chalk paint to revamp a chest of drawers or dining table, or creating a headboard for your bed from reclaimed materials such as timber or driftwood for a beachy vibe. There are so many DIY and upcycling opportunities so get stuck in.

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