Prepare for Viewings - Lettings

When you’re looking for new tenants, it’s important to prepare the property for viewings. Get off to the best possible start by following Haybrook’s advice for landlords. 

Accessing the Property 

If tenants are already living in the property, you will need permission to prepare for viewings.

If in your tenancy agreement, landlords simply need to provide at least 24 hours' notice. If it isn’t mentioned in your tenancy agreement, you will need permission from the current tenants. Find out more about landlords' rights to access the property. 

Stay on top of property maintenance

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to maintain the property. If you are managing the property yourself, double-check you are up to date. Landlords are legally responsible for:

  • Outside structures i.e. gutters, drainpipes 
  • Supply of water, gas, and electricity 
  • Installing heating and boilers 

Prepare for viewings by making sure everything is in order and safely working - prospective tenants will want to know. 

Speak with your Letting Agent

With Haybrook’s property management services, our letting agents will oversee viewing appointments for you. This means landlords don’t have to prepare for attending viewings - saving you time! 

To let your property quickly, your letting agent must know as much about the property as possible. Help them prepare for viewings by providing all relevant information and keys to enter the property. 

Ask your tenants to tidy up! 

Potential tenants want to be able to see themselves living in the property. Ask your current tenants to declutter and tidy as much as possible including;

  • Tidying laundry away
  • Doing the washing up 
  • Leaving clean towels out 

These simple things can make all the difference!

Speak to your local Haybrook team 

For help at any point in your lettings journey, speak to your local Darlows lettings team. Find your local branch here.