Signs you’ve found the right home


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Whether it’s your first time of fourth time hunting for a new property, the market can always appear to be quite daunting. You might end up viewing many properties that don’t match your original needs, meaning you might feel you need to end up making a compromise in an effort to secure a property in your chosen area. But it’s important to remain patient, because there will come a time when you discover a property that will fit your needs, but how will you know when you’ve found it?

When you’re overlooking imperfections

Every property you go view will have at least one imperfection; an insight that’s fairly obvious, but when you start to overlook certain imperfections at a property, this might mean you like it more than you may think.

We know what we like and dislike, but if you’re constantly crossing properties off your list due to minor imperfections you probably never even liked it in the first place. Remember that some things can be changed and others can’t – such as location – so think about these and go from there.

When you’ve made it the benchmark

Whilst on the property search, you may have viewed a range of homes which simply disappear into the back of your mind, never to be thought about again. But suddenly you find a property that raises the bar, more than any other one you’ve seen before. From there on you start comparing further properties to it. When this starts occurring, it might be time to consider making a bid!

When you find it hard to leave

It’s not uncommon to go on a property viewing, only to want to leave right away. It might be a property that’s in an undesired area or a property that’s not aesthetically pleasing; we all have our reasons. But then you visit a property that you never want to leave, a property that feels like home. If you’re experiencing this feeling, then it may just be the one.

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