Why FLINK is right for you


You might have some questions about FLINK. If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, just give us a call. We’re always happy to chat.


Q) Why does it help to share property ads on social media? 

Usually, agents share property ads on portals like Rightmove. But people only look at Rightmove if they’re actively searching for a home.

So by sharing the ads on social media – in places people visit regularly, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram – people will see your home even if they’re not property hunting. And those people, who aren’t really looking but would be interested if the right thing cropped up, could be great potential buyers.


Q) What good is it reaching people who aren’t looking to buy?

There are loads of people out there who aren’t actively looking to move, but know that the perfect property doesn’t come along every day. The data shows that those people would be ready to move – and move quickly – if they stumbled across the right thing. All it takes is getting the right message to them at the right time, which is exactly what we do with FLINK.


Q) Do I have to pay extra for FLINK?

Nope. FLINK comes as standard for all Haybrook customers. You’re welcome.


Q) So you mean you just put ads on Facebook?

No – this is much more sophisticated than that. For a start, we use all social channels – twitter, Instagram, the works. Also, FLINK sends out loads of slightly different ads, targeted to different audiences. So we’ve got more chance of reaching the right person with the right message.

More importantly, we can learn from the way people interact with the ads – then we can refine and share the ads where we know they’ve been most successful. Across a single campaign, FLINK will adjust itself thousands of times to get the very best results. That’s something you couldn’t do on Facebook if you had a thousand people working for you!


Q) How does FLINK target people?

FLINK looks at information from Google and Facebook about what people do online – what they’ve searched for, what they’ve bought – and uses the information to understand what they might want from a property. It’s like when Amazon recommends something they think you might be interested in, based on what you’ve bought in the past. Or like when YouTube suggests videos for you to watch, based on what you’ve watched before. (Only it’s much cleverer, of course.) Once we’ve built up a clear picture of a potential buyer, we can put the right property, in the right ad format, in front of them – making us more likely to get the right sale for you.


Q) How do I know it really works?

Although we’re the only people in the UK to have FLINK, people have been using this technology elsewhere in the world. And the results are great. Sellers have achieved between 3-6% extra on their sale price and, on average, they’ve cut their sales times by 27%. This includes a total of 9,696 Social Media views. 

The technology has been used and tested in Norway, where the market works similarly to the UK. For instance, Norway has a property portal that loads of people use, just like we have Rightmove. There’s loads of competition in the market, and people consume a similar amount of digital media. So we know that FLINK is working for sellers like you.


Q) You said FLINK creates different ads showing different features of a home. But I’ve only got a small flat, so not many features. Is there really any point creating lots of ads?

Definitely. You’re right, FLINK creates different ads showcasing different features of your property. But it also presents each ad in a different way – for instance, some ads might use one main picture, others might show several pictures. Also, we can describe your home in different ways too. After all, some people might like the idea of your ‘cosy, contemporary flat’, while others might be looking for a ‘well-connected city apartment’. It’s all about highlighting those things about your property that people will love.