Tenants can live rent free over Christmas with the No Rent Event




Haybrook is giving tenants the chance to live rent free, at the start of their tenancy, to save them a bit of extra money over the expensive holiday period.

The ‘No Rent Event’ is a unique, limited-time offer that takes place over the Christmas and New Year period. The initiative allows tenants to choose from a great range of properties that match their wants and needs in their chosen areas, with a brief no rental period.

But remember that Haybrook here to help any way we can with your property search; if you’re unsure about what kind of property you’re best suited to, contact our local property experts who can point you in the right direction.

Check our FAQ’s below with Operations Director Paul Sloan for more details on this event. 



1. When does the rent free period start?

It starts at the beginning of your tenancy.

2. How long is the rent free period? A week, a month?

This will depends on what the landlord is offering. It is normally 2 weeks but can be more or less than that.

3. From when will I need to start paying rent?

You need to start paying rent in full as soon as the rent free period expires.

4. Is this available for short-term lets and long-term lets?

Yes, but it’s only available if the landlord agrees to it.

5. Will I still have to pay a deposit and tenant Fees?

Yes, your deposit and fees will not be affected by this promotion.

6. How long does the process take (including references)

It can be done within 24 hours if necessary but around one week is more normal.

7. Is it available on all properties?

Unfortunately no, we have to get our landlord’s agreement to offer the no rent period beforehand.

8. Does this end up costing me more in the longer term? 

No, this is a ‘no strings attached’ offer if it applies to a property you are interested in.


To find out more, contact your local branch. Branches are available by telephone from 8am to 10pm seven days per week.